Impact of Covid on elderly residents in Spain

Snapshot of the coronavirus in care homes: more than 19.500 killed with Covid-19 or compatible symptoms

In Spain 19.576 elderly residents have died in care homes of COVID-19 or with symptoms consistent with the disease

The number of fatalities caused by the coronavirus in the approximately 5.457 care homes -public, private or mixed- with Covid-19 or similar symptoms stands at 19.576, according to the data provided by the Spanish regions (Autonomous Communities). Most of the deaths occurred in Madrid, Catalonia, Castille-Le├│n and Castille-La Mancha. So, the number of deaths in care homes is equivalent to 69 % of the total figure notified officially by the Health Ministry.

Although the Health Ministry is in a position to know the total cases and deaths, since it ordered the Autonomous Communities to provide detailed figures on the number of deaths from coronavirus in care homes, the number of old people infected and the facilities concerned, it took some time to compile and report the data and the central government has yet to make them public.

Since the onset of the pandemic, care homes have become one of the main hotspots of coronavirus outbreaks, their staff have been overwhelmed, and they have lacked resources for medical treatment on site.

Furthermore, a group of lawyers from all over Spain, representing 3.000 relatives of coronavirus victims, have sued the Government before the Supreme Court for a possible crime of manslaughter in its management of the pandemic.


Source: RTVE

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